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The Sincerest Form of Flattery

We’re unabashed fans of Wes Anderson’s movie The Life Aquatic. And so, when we saw our friends at Banjo Brothers rocking the Team Zissou uniforms at Interbike this year, we felt compelled to create a parody cycling kit.

This non-commissioned design – whose sharing was blessed by the brothers – transforms Team Zissou into Team Zibbou (double Bs for Banjo Brothers). The kit features a modified insignia and includes red cap (sans Speedo) along with matching jersey, bib shorts, socks, and jacket.

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How many canned hams can your frame pack hold?

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Join Banjo Brothers, the scrappy bike bag maker from Minneapolis, MN, known for their tough, practical and affordable bike bags in Seattle, Washington, this Monday July 21st 2014 at Back Alley Bike Repair in Pioneer Square for a Banjo Brothers Tiny Bikeshop Concert Featuring Catherine Feeny.

The show is FREE and open to the public. The event starts at 7pm with a social mixer. Music at 7:30pm. Post-show ride with the Back Alley Crew.

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The Banjo Brothers Tiny Bikeshop Summer Concert Series kicked off last night (June 27th) in Minneapolis. It was a lovely night with stellar performances by King Mulhacen and Brianna Lane. We at some BBQ. Calhoun Cycle did some kick-butt, one-of-a-kind screen prints.  With prizes from Twin Six, Calhoun Cycle and Bodylish the crowd was treated to a great show, with great food and a mess of swag. We hope to see you at our next event.

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The Banjo Brothers Stage is located off of 28th street and the Sabo Bridge (south) off ramp. Google Map of the location here.

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Free Happy Hour Concert in Minneapolis June 27th 2014

Listen up kids. Tomorrow afternoon in the MPLS - a Banjo Brothers Tiny Bikeshop concert with take place from 4-6:30pm on the Banjo Brothers Stage. Two great artists - Brianna Lane and King Mulhacen. Rain or shine. Grill fired up at 4pm. Music at 5pm. Shenanigans until 6:30. Calhoun Cycle will lead a post-show ride for ice-cream.

Door prizes  from Banjo Brothers, Twin Six and Bodylish.

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